The Unusual Rules I've Learned From Selling 
Over $100 Million of Products and Services.
Confessions of A persuasion hitman
The idea of the Persuasion Hitman was born out of my desire to play by my own game with my own rules.

I started out as a copywriter. I wrote words that convinced people pull out their wallets and buy stuff. Yet as a copywriter you are put in a box - consciously or unconsciously. 

I wasn’t willing to accept that. 

It also wasn’t a proper description of my skills. Copy was just my primary weapon of choice. It wasn’t my profession. 

At my core I was a salesman. A persuader. It didn’t matter what medium I used, I got people to spend money on things that would improve their life. I used video, characters, writing, email, sales letters, phone calls, and anything else at my disposal to get sales. 

So why limit myself to some preconceived idea of how I’m supposed to describe myself? 

That’s why I decided to call myself a Persuasion Hitman. Is it a bit cheesy? Yes. Does it turn some people off? Probably. But most importantly, does it accurately describe my skills? Yes.

So what does a Persuasion Hitman do? What does a Persuasion Hitman charge? Whatever I want. There is no box, no game, no set of rules. I get to create my own reality.

Over my career as a Persuasion Hitman I’ve sold over a hundred million dollars worth of products online. I’ve worked with newbie entrepreneurs and 8 figure companies. I’ve been a gun for hire and owned my own businesses. I’ve built information product companies and I’ve sold an Ecommerce company to the fastest growing start up in Canada.

I’ve had an unusual life. Because of that, I’ve learned some unusual rules. 

Those are the rules I want to share with you in this book. There are 13 in total. Yes, that’s an “unlucky” number, but I don’t believe in bad luck. I make my own luck.

Now it’s time to make your own luck. 

(Digital eBook and Audiobook also now available for instant download on next page.)

Me hanging out with my sales hero John Carlton and the very funny and talented Kevin Rogers.  
Me filming with my mentor Ron Lynch who's sold over $4 Billion worth of products through Infomercials.
Me teaching a copywriting workshop with the legendary David Deutsch. (These happy folks all paid $2k to be there.)
Here's what you're gonna learn in this book:
  • Introduction: How the Persuasion Hitman Was Born.
  •  Rule #1: Set clear boundaries - The first sale I ever made.
  •  Rule #2: Do everything in your power to get the highest Average Order Value possible on every purchase - My Second Sale: The World's Most Profitable Lemonade Stand.
  • Rule #3: Time and money are not related - My Third Sale: How I Got Paid $50 an Hour to Watch TV When I Was 12 Years Old. 
  •  Rule #4: If the price you’re charging doesn’t make you a little uncomfortable, you’re not charging enough - A Short Story to Prove Time and Money Are Not Related, $5k in 30 Seconds.
  •  Rule #5: You’re Always Selling a Feeling - How to use the 8 Core Emotions to get People to Cry and Buy.
  •  Rule #6: Do the Math - How I Became the Top Salesman in the Office in Just 2 Weeks.
  •   Rule #7: Learn how to combine short term cash flow with long-term recurring (or at least predictable) revenue - The Secret to Turning One Sale into Countless Sales.
  •   Rule #8: The ***** line of any sales message is the most important - The One Sentence That Can Make or Break Any Sales Message. 
  •  Rule #9: Use the language your prospects use - My Not-So-Secret Sales Weapon.
  •   Rule #10: Identify your “***** moment.” - How to use Unpredictability to Create Predictable Sales.
  •  Rule #11: Sell Them What They ****. Give Them What They **** - Two Sentences to Live or Die By as a Salesperson.
  •  Rule #12: Tell the stories that ***** you the most - The Most Profitable Story You'll Ever Tell.
  •  Rule #13: *You have to read the book to see this rule*
  •  Conclusion: Recap of the Rules and a Final Mission.
  •  Epilogue: What's next? 
Still Wondering if This Book is for you?
Here's a Story for You...
It’ll seem like this story is about me...but it’s really about YOU. I promise.

Now lemme introduce myself. My name is Ian Stanley and I get paid (well) to sell stuff. 
(That’s me with the baby wolf. I was John Snow for Halloween. And yes, I look like a bit of tool.)

[HUMBLE BRAG WARNING] People (happily) pay me $20,000 to $100,000 to work on their sales funnels. ($20,000 up front. An additional potential $80k based on performance.) 

[QUE CHEESY STORY INTRO] But it wasn’t always this way…

See, my sophomore year of college I was living in a mobile home in Santa Cruz, CA. My next door neighbor was a 400 pound woman named Ape. She had a mullet and a handful of teeth. 

But it was in this dodgy little mobile home that I got on the path that would change my life forever. 

I was transferring colleges and had a lot of free time and very few friends in the area. So I spent most of my time clicking on s*** on the internet. I got into affiliate marketing, MLMs, and even sports betting. (Which is ironically the only one that made me any money.) 

I bought a bunch of courses and barely actually did anything. I would just buy them and return them. 

Then junior year rolled around and I got a marketing coach. He told me to get an email marketing course. I bought it…and I never would’ve thought it would lead me to where I am now. 

I devoured and it and actually started writing. Then I got my first paid gig. I was in Brazil for the summer and did a bit of writing for a couple of weeks and it paid for my whole trip. 

I was only getting paid about $5 per email…but I was stoked just to get paid to work from my laptop. (I now charge $1500 per email PLUS a performance bonus of $5,000. Things have changed a lot, but you have to start somewhere.) 

After that I decided to write a book on how to pick up women. Yes, that’s true. 

And I will never forget the first sale I ever made. 

I wrote a pre-sell page, my friend bought some bing ads to the page, and then someone bought the product I was promoting. 

I opened my clickbank account one afternoon in my little college apartment…and freaked the eff out. $113.84. And I wasn’t even working!

I literally ran around my apartment screaming and spanking my own ass like a horse jockey. 

You never forget your first sale. 

It's a beautiful moment because it's more than you've ever made, you're not comparing it to anything, and it proves to you that this whole world is REAL. You actually CAN make a living from the interwebz.

The next sale I made was almost just as amazing as the first because it happened during a final exam. I walked out of class and checked my phone.


I just got paid to take a test.

This was the life I dreamed of.

Then college ended and I started a masters degree…in Netflix and Procrastinate. It was a tough job, but someone had to watch the entire series of Game Of Thrones for the third time....until one day I couldn’t take it anymore. 

I was trying to do everything online. 

-Write copy
-Build websites
-Paid traffic
-Product creation
-Blah blah blah you get it.

Long story short, I wasn’t making any money. And I noticed a pattern emerging amongst the people in the forums online.

They were all trying to do everything too. And they were broke. (My guess is they still are broke.)

So I decided to stop doing everything and just focus on one skill.

I chose writing. 

So every single day I woke up and hand copied a sales letter for an hour. I didn’t miss a day. 

One month later I got a job working with an internet marketer in the personal finance space. 

We had an email list of over 1 million people and I wrote all the emails. I learned a TON. I was only making about $4,000 to $5,000 a month but to me that was AMAZING.

Towards the end I was working about 10 hours a week. In fact, one month I went to England and Scotland for 30 days and I worked about 10 hours total.

That’s about $500 an hour. Not too bad. 

But that was just the tip of the iceberg.
It Wasn’t Until I Learned How To Bridge The Gap From Copywriter To “Persuasion Hitman” That I Really Made A Leap In Income.
I did everything sales related. Front end sales letters. Upsells. Thank you pages. Emails. Ad copy for Google and Facebook. Articles. Phone calls. Applications.

I learned the entire process and built a funnel every other week for a year. (I probably created and tested over 20 full funnels in 2016.)

It’s safe to say that taught me a lot.

Over the past few years I’ve sold over $100,000,000 worth of products online. 

I recently took a water filter company to six figures a month and sold it to the fastest growing start up in Canada after just 10 months.  

It’s weird that one skill…converting people into dollars…has led me to this position. Making multiple 5 figures every month (in income, not just revenue). Sometimes 6 figures per month. 
But it was the overall skill of being a Persuasion Hitman that took me from $10k a month to $25k to $80k/month or more in income. 
All the most important rules and lessons I've learned in my career are IN THIS BOOK. 
WARNING: This Book is NOT a Best-Seller.
Every supposed "guru" online now seems to have some best-selling book. Some of them are legit best-sellers.

But for the most part, they game the algorithm on Amazon. Or they buy a bunch of their own books to get on the NY Times Best-Seller List. Or they become a #1 best-seller...but it's a book about sales and they're ranked number one for underwater basketweaving. 

I don't give a shit about having a best-selling book. In fact, this book can't become a best-seller cuz it's not available on those other platforms.

Me trying to make my book a "best-seller" would just be me trying to stroke my ego.

I don't care about being a best-seller, I want to make YOU a best-seller. 

I want to help turn you into one of the best salespeople on the planet. (Or make you even better if you're already world class.)

This book is full of stories about me. But they're really about YOU and how you can use them to improve your life. 
Who is Ian Stanley?
Ian is one of the highest paid copywriters and sales experts online. Clients regularly pay him $1500 per email plus a bonus...or $25k upfront plus backend for sales letters and videos.
Ian grew up playing tennis in California and England. He won a national championship in college and then turned his interests to entrepreneurship.

He has sold over $100,000,000 worth of products online over the past few years and is considered to be one of the best copywriters in the world. He started his first business at he age of 12 stringing tennis rackets. He recently sold an ecommerce company to the fastest growing start up in Canada.
What People Are Saying aBout IAn:
Fuck. I remembered the templates. Grabbed one and just started filling in the holes. Ported it into MailChimp and hit SEND.

48 hours later had over $80k in sales. Holy fuck. The comic is a fucking genius. To make sure it wasn't a fluke, sent another email on another campaign with another of Ian's templates, and the conversion was 3x our already healthy conversion was. 

I'm a believer. Ian knows his shit. Buy his shit. Rock your shit.
- Jerry W
My gut told me Ian's stuff was going to be different and I’m glad I listened. I had a handful of massive breakthroughs from ONE call with Ian. 

On top of that, I made my YEARLY investment back within the first 2 weeks!

There’s no doubt I’ll make back 10x in this year alone... If you’re not in buying Ian's stuff, you’re missing out.”

- Joey P
Dammit Ian.

What the hell?

I'm not saying this to prop your self esteem up or butter you up or any other bizarre twisted intention most people saying things through.

I'm half way reading your sale letter for the workshop.

Forget gripped. Forget "grabbed my attention". Forget "moved me".

I felt like you reached into my soul and we're talking heart to heart. Ans your story will stay with me for a lifetime. So much to learn from that story alone.

This is more than copy. More than a story. That was pure connection man.

- Daniel S